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Venolia: A history of winning performance.

Venolia, a name synonymous with quality racing pistons, began in 1946 to manufacture cast aluminum pistons for oval track and dry lakes. Today, Venolia continues to develop and refine forging design and manufacturing techniques, producing some of the finest racing pistons on the market.

In 1963, Venolia introduced forged racing pistons using 2618 T61 alloy, which has higher mechanical properties at elevated temperatures than any other forging alloys. This alloy is recognized as the strongest and most versatile in high performance applications today.

bob toros and joe pisano

Venolia's 'hands-on' approach by its founder, Bob Toros, has led to the development of a variety of dedicated forgings. These forgings encompass bore sizes from 2.2" diameter to a whopping 5" diameter for drag racing, marine and oval track applications, serving both domestic and international customers. Through years of development, partner Joe Pisano tested these forgings on the track. Joe P. was a proven winner many times over the decades. His famous funny cars served as a field lab for the development of supercharged and fuel pistons. These innovations developed by Venolia's partners are still used by today's champions.

Venolia forged pistons are available in a wide range of bore sizes, compression heights, dome configurations and ring packages. Venolia pistons can be custom ordered to your exact specifications, with confidentiality of design considered at all times to ensure your winning edge. Put your trust in the precision, proven performer and let Venolia racing pistons take you to the winner's circle.

salt flat speedster


pisano brothers funny car

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