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Forged Aluminum Connecting Rods from Venolia

Our forged aluminum rods are made from Alcoa aluminum bar stock - typically 7075-76 for most rods, and C555 for extreme applications. Each billet is heated and mechanically forged with a 3,000 ton press to achieve the tightest grain pattern. We then add our decades of design experience combined with the latest CNC technology to produce a light, racing connecting rod with superior strength and durability.

Venolia racing rods are available in standard and long sizes for small and big block Chevrolet, Chrysler and Ford 351 Windsor engines.

forged rod

To enhance the longevity our our racing rods, we feature performance racing fasteners from A1 Technologies. The 7/16" rod bolts are manufactured from H-11 tool steel and feature a proprietary heat-treating process for added strength and ductility, resulting in tensile strengths up to 260ksi.

A1 Technologies


Connecting Rod Dimensions

rod dimensions

We need the dimensions as noted below to build your connecting rod. It's vitally important that your measurements are accurate; our tolerances are very close, and we do not make allowances for mistakes.

A = Center to Center
B = Big End Bore
C = Pin Diameter
D = Pin End Width
E = Big End Width






aluminum rod milling

Precision CNC milling of Venolia forged connecting rods.


al anabi racing

Venolia is the proud manufacturer of all connecting rods for Alan Johnson Racing. These Rods are available in the high-strength alloy C-405, available only thru AJPE.


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